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Zion National Park Hikes Near Kolob Campground

Kolob Campground is the perfect location to begin an adventure in Zion National Park. Kolob Terrace Road and Kolob Mountain are in the backcountry areas with several world class hikes located within 15 minutes of your campsite. An added bonus; these trails are less crowded than the rest of Zion National Park, and many do not even require park admission to access!

  1. Subway Canyon. This hike requires a permit for all hikers. Permits are available by reservation or lottery. You will need to get the permit at the Zion Visitor Center prior to beginning the hike. This slot canyon is one of the most photographed areas of Zion National Park. Visitors from all over the world make this part of their experience. Visitors should plan a full day and the hike should only be attempted by those in good physical condition.

  2. Angels Leading Ledge Walk. This is a guided tour on private property along the park boundary. The trail has been developed as a via ferrata which means you are laterally hiking along the side of a massive 800 foot cliff with only a few feet of space. All visitors have a full harness and protective equipment, and your guides will make sure you stay safe during this adrenaline filled adventure. The picture in this post was taken at Angels Leading.

  3. Wildcat Canyon. This trail is easily accessible and can be completed in just a few hours. There are several options, including Wildcat Canyon to Northgate Peaks, Wildcat Canyon to Subway Canyon, or Wildcat Canyon to West Rim Trail and Lava Point. Visitors on this trail will be rewarded with some of the best vistas of Zion National Park as seen from above the canyons

  4. Lava Point/West Rim Trail to Wildcat Canyon. This trail begins near Lava Point Lookout and ends at the Wildcat Canyon trailhead. Amazing vistas of Zion National Park abound.

  5. West Rim Trail to Angels Landing and Zion National Park Main Canyon. This trail begins near Lava Point and is roughly 14 miles long. It would be my #1 hike, but visitors will need to make some considerable logistical arrangements. The hike can easily be accomplished in a single day however transportation back to Kolob will need to be arranged in advance. Angels Landing is part of this trail, however the "chains section" requires a permit.

  6. Grapevine Trail. This trail is located along the North Fork near Subway Canyon Trailhead. The trail is easy to access however there are some fairly steep areas. The trail will take you from a desert plateau to the North Fork. There are some beautiful cliffs and interesting vistas along the trail.

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