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My 5 Favorite campsites at Kolob Campground.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Kolob Campground has a large selection of campsites. Some are large with space for several tents or even large trailers and RV's, While others are smaller and better for a small group of guests. Each campsite has a fire ring, table, and access to potable water and toilets, but my favorite campsites are as follows:

1st place - Campsite #4. This campsite has everything! Lots of space, lots of shade, views of the reservoir, and great options for tents, Trailers, and RV's.

2nd place - Campsite #16. This is one of the few campsites with pull-through parking. It's easy to access for RV's and has all of the amenities. There is abundant shade!

3rd place - Campsite #19. This campsite has quite a bit of privacy. It sits off of the road and still has room for a large group of campground guests.

4th place - Campsite #2. If you are with a large group and want lots of room then this campsite is for you. This is the largest campsite at Kolob Campground, but it isn't as private as others.

5th Place - Campsite #18. This one has lots of room for tents, trailers, and RV's and is surrounded by large shade trees. It's also close to the entrance with quick access to the toilets and potable water.

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